Anthony (AJ) Felusa is one of the main characters in the series. His fiery temper and relatable mental state make him and easy to love character.


AJ has red hair and brown eyes.


AJ is best friends with Ryder, Max, Bex, Jonah, and Dyl. He is also dating Cleo. Little does he know that Bex and Jonah are crushing on him...


AJ has an older sister, Brianne.


AJ has a tough guy persona, but that's only to hide what is really going on in his life. He is actually very depressed and suicidal, but no one but Bex knows it.


AJ's main hobbies are hanging out with Ryder and Dyl, watching YouTube videos, biking, and playing the cello.

All Good Things Must Come to an End

At the end of Ghostly War

, AJ was shot to death by Logan. He was hanging out with Bex and Dyl when Logan tried to kill Bex. AJ saved her life, but lost his.