Rebecca (Bex) Simmons is a main character in the first part of the series.


Before If Only

Out of all the characters, the most is known about Bex's life before If Only. Two years before the story takes place, Bex's parents got a divorce, and Been went to live with her mom and sister.

The Hood


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Tori Simmons

Tori is Bex's younger sister by two years. While their personalities are very similar, Tori and Bex tend to clash a lot

Ryder James

Ryder was Bex's crush in seventh and eighth grade. During that time, the two of them were friends, but Bex wanted to be something more than a friend to him. In The Hood, Ryder asked her out, which is how they began dating. In Savage School, their relationship ended up becoming even stronger, and they had their first kiss. Ryder and Bex were dating up until his death.

AJ Felusa

Bex and AJ were good friends for a few years. She was also the first person AJ came out to as depressed. In Savage School, Bex realized that she had a crush on AJ. He never found out about it, and they remained friends up until AJ died.

Dyl Castelleno

Nate Serrano

Max Ruby

Drew Chung

Dawn Delgado

Vega Trout

Juniper Gonzalez

Dave Evans

Cleo Carona

Logan James