The Death Escapees are the group of people who are trying to stop Logan's reign of terror.


  • Max Ruby
  • Ari Genitor
  • Adi Genitor
  • Eddie Jansen (formerly)
  • Brady Narwal (formerly)
  • Kyle Robinson (formerly)
  • Angel Faye (formerly)
  • Emily Vader
  • Juniper Gonzalez
  • Dyl Castelleno
  • Liam Styker
  • Zel Catalano (formerly)

Loyal Members


Max is the leader of the Death Escapees. He, Brady, and Ari formed the group shortly after Dyl's supposed death. Max is against Logan since his best friend, AJ, was killed by Logan.

Ari and Adi

Ari was one of the founding members of the group. Adi joined since she is Ari's twin sister. They were close friends of Bex's, and are against Logan since he murdered her.


Liam joined the group as a way to help Max cope with losing AJ.


Emily, along with Adi and Ari, was a friend of Bex's. She is also a Ari's best friend.


Juniper was a later edition to the group, who joined after she found out that Kiara was working for Logan. She is against Logan because he supposedly killed Dyl.


Dyl was the last member to join the group. He is also the only person that has survived one of Logan's attacks. He is against Logan because he watched Nate, AJ, and Bex get killed by him and he was almost killed himself. In Choices, Dyl considered joining Logan's Crew, but ultimately decided to remain a Death Escapee for the sake of his relationship with Juniper and because he felt like if he joined his friend's deaths would be in vain since AJ, Bex, and Nate died to protect him from Logan.



Kyle was the first member to leave the group after a major fight. He switched sides and joined Logan's crew. He then gave that gang all of the Death Escapees' top secret information, causing the group to break up.


Angel left the Death Escapees after finding out that Kyle was in Logan's Crew. She then joined so that she and Kyle can continue dating. Even though she was a member of Logan's Crew, she still feigned loyalty to the Death Escapees. Her motives were discovered in Who's Helping Who? right before the fight began.