Dylan (Dyl) Castelleno is one of the main characters in this series. Known for his loyalty and amazing ability to keep his head up in times of crisis, he is a beloved character in the books.


Dyl is short, with blonde hair and green eyes. Due to his height and young looking appearance, he is often mistaken for a 10 year old


Dyl is close friends with AJ, Ryder, and Bex. Later on, he becomes pretty close with Nate Serrano as well. He also has a crush on Juniper Gonzalez, but really hates her best friend, Vega.


Dyl has an older brother, Noah. Despite their two year age difference, the two boys are very close and can't imagine life without each other.


Dyl is kind of a troublemaker and gets himself in a lot of sticky situations, but is loveable in his own way. He is really loyal to his friends and knows how to brighten anyone's day.


Dyl is a skilled skateboarder and biker. He tends to get in a lot of trouble with his friends, sometimes willingly, sometimes unwillingly.

An Amazing Comeback

In End Game, Dyl is supposably killed by Logan. However, he survives and comes back in The Return. Due to the ghost of his brother protecting him, Dyl didn't die when Logan tried to kill him. He is the only character to survive one of Logan's murder attempts. Sadly, in The Final Countdown, Dyl died shortly after the fight.