Logan's Crew is the group name of Logan and his accomplices


  • Logan James
  • Zayn Leto (formerly)
  • Kiara Hafeman
  • Ava Tedesco
  • Zel Catalano
  • Eddie Jansen
  • Angel Faye
  • Kyle Robinson
  • Brady Narwal

Original Members


Logan is the murderer and the leader of the gang. He started the group after watching his younger brother, Ryder, die. Logan turned over to murdering as a way to vent and get his emotions out.


Kiara is the most loyal member of the group. She, along with Zayn (formerly), Eddie, and eventually Kyle, have to find out the locations of their victims and give Logan the information. Her loyalty to Logan is discovered by Juniper in True Colors.


Ava's job is to recruit new members of the group. She shares this job with Zel. Ava is discovered to be working with Logan in Betrayel, when she gets Kyle to join the group.


When Zayn was in the group, his job was to stalk people, similar to Kiara, Eddie and Kyle. Zayn left after he realized that he could get his crush, Ari, killed. After he left, Zayn was replaced by Kyle.

Former Death Escapees


After he got into a fight with the Death Escapees, Ava got Kyle to join Logan's Crew. Kyle replaced Zayn in the group and told Logan who was working against them, soon causing more Death Escapees to switch sides.


After Kyle left, Angel joined Logan's Crew so they could still be together. Angel's job is to feign loyalty to the Death Escapees, gathering information for Logan as she does so. Her partner in crime is Brady.


Zel was tricked into joining by Ava. Now, following that, Zel and Ava work together gathering new recruits.


Eddie joined Logan's Crew after Zel promised to date him if he did. He works in the stalking industry with Kiara and Kyle.


Brady joined Logan's Crew to save his friendship with Eddie. Along with Angel, Brady spies on the Death Escapees to get information for Logan. His intentions were discovered by Ari in Something's Gotta Give.